5 Preparations Before Selling Your House

So you have decided to sell your home. There are some things you can do to make your house more attractive. It will speed up the sale and will help you maximize what you sell your house for. Real estate brokers work harder when a house is prepared because it streamlines their job and leaves less to explain.

1.Purge Purge Purge

You must try to make your house look like nobody lives in it. That means you have to remove all nick-nacks, family pictures, souvenirs anything related to your family. You want the prospective buyers not to feel like it’s your house. They have to see themselves in it which means unconsciously the house must seem neutral. If you are so attached to “things” you can’t do it., hire someone to help you. If you absolutely refuse to get rid of certain items, get a storage locker to put them in. But the house has to be without them.

2.Freshen Things Up.

If the paint looks dingy, get a paint job. Get the floors polished and rugs, if any, cleaned. The basement especially and the attic should be as empty as possible. I’m sure you have things in both places that have followed you for years and served no purpose except that they are there. I know it’s difficult but people’s personal things turn prospective buyers off. If you have a piano and it’s played, make sure it’s closed and there is no music laying around.

Make sure the house is spotless. That means the refrigerator, stove and other appliances should look as new as possible. In some cases, it might be worth an investment to replace an appliance that looks like it’s seen better days. Windows should sparkle. I suggest you get a professional cleaning crew to do everything. It is a relatively small investment that can reap large rewards in selling price. Outside there should be no items that make your backyard look like a junkyard. Get rid of all of it. If you have a lawn and/or landscaping, make sure everything is mowed, trimmed and pretty. If you have a pet that poops outside, clean it up.


Make sure everything works. You don’t want to have to make any explanations. Electric appliances should work properly. Garage doors, doorbells, sliding doors should all function properly. Buyers and brokers will try switches to see what they do. Frequently this is an indication to a buyer that the house is cared for. It gives them the impression that they aren’t going to encounter problems.


This is a worthwhile consideration. I know of houses that were on the market for months and sometimes even years with no bites. After getting a professional stager in to arrange the furniture, tell you what to add and what to discard, these houses sold in short order. I know of one house that sold in a day after staging. I know you are proud of the lived-in look your house has. It’s great to visit such a house, cozy and comfortable. But buyers are not interested. You want nothing that will give the feeling that the house is “used.” You want a house that seems new, even it if isn’t.

5.Give Space

Finally, when the house is shown, you should get out and stay away until the prospect buyer(s) are gone. You do not want to be there to answer questions or make friends. Lastly, good luck.

Quick Fix DIY – How to Seal Your Windows and Save Money

seal windows properly
Photo credit: Foter.com

Sometimes it’s the simplest and easiest do it yourself projects that have the biggest impact. Sealing your windows doesn’t take long, anyone can do it, and your energy bill will thank you. Whether it’s summer and you’re trying to run that AC a little less or winter and you want to reduce the amount of energy you’re losing while heating, sealing your windows will help.

Properly sealing your windows

This is SO easy! You only need two supplies and a few minutes to a couple of hours (depending on how many windows you have in your home).

What you need:

  • Window sealant (you may need a few tubes depending on how many windows you have and how much big the cracks are that you need to seal)
  • Disposable gloves

You’re ready to go!

Grab your sealant and your gloves, then start to walk around the exterior of your home and look for openings around the edges of your windows. When I did this to my home, I found some gaps that were up to a half an inch! All these gaps do is allow warm air out in the winter and cool air out in the summer.

Just fill them in with the window sealant. Smooth out with a gloved finger when you need to. That’s ALL!

This simple, quick fix DIY home improvement project will give you peace of mind. I know it gave me peace of mind!

Of course, at the end of the day, if your windows are too drafty, then you have no choice but to replace.  Have a look here at our favorite windows.