22 Pest Control Strategies for Your Home

Taking control of your pest control means preventing bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, etc. before they get out of hand. Knowing what to do is half the battle, so here’s a list of twenty-two pest control strategies for every part of your home.

Outdoor pest control

  1. Keep grass cut short
  2. Ensure proper drainage
  3. Trim bushes and trees
  4. Remove standing water
  5. Level dirt/soil under outdoor structures
  6. Seal and/or paint outdoor structures
  7. Clear out outdoor debris
  8. Sweep outdoor spaces

Indoor pest control

  1. Store food in sealed containers
  2. No trash can under the sink
  3. Check for leaks around sinks
  4. Clean spilled food immediately
  5. Re-caulk cracks around sinks etc.
  6. Change sheets regularly
  7. Vacuum all areas often
  8. Clear out clutter like papers, cardboard
  9. Don’t leave pet food out
  10. Check screen and door seals
  11. Fix any leaks quickly
  12. Seal entry points in the attic and basement
  13. Use proper insulation
  14. Knockout cobwebs

These simple strategies for pest control will help to keep a wide variety of pests at bay in your Jersey City home. It doesn’t take a great deal of effort to prevent pests, but it does take a great deal of effort to get rid of them.

You might also consider calling a professional pest control expert to help you get ahead of the game. They can do an assessment of your home and help you find problem areas, getting out front of potential pest problems early.

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Quick Fix DIY – How to Seal Your Windows and Save Money

seal windows properly
Photo credit: Foter.com

Sometimes it’s the simplest and easiest do it yourself projects that have the biggest impact. Sealing your windows doesn’t take long, anyone can do it, and your energy bill will thank you. Whether it’s summer and you’re trying to run that AC a little less or winter and you want to reduce the amount of energy you’re losing while heating, sealing your windows will help.

Properly sealing your windows

This is SO easy! You only need two supplies and a few minutes to a couple of hours (depending on how many windows you have in your home).

What you need:

  • Window sealant (you may need a few tubes depending on how many windows you have and how much big the cracks are that you need to seal)
  • Disposable gloves

You’re ready to go!

Grab your sealant and your gloves, then start to walk around the exterior of your home and look for openings around the edges of your windows. When I did this to my home, I found some gaps that were up to a half an inch! All these gaps do is allow warm air out in the winter and cool air out in the summer.

Just fill them in with the window sealant. Smooth out with a gloved finger when you need to. That’s ALL!

This simple, quick fix DIY home improvement project will give you peace of mind. I know it gave me peace of mind!

Of course, at the end of the day, if your windows are too drafty, then you have no choice but to replace.  Have a look here at our favorite windows.