How Do I Unclog This Sink

How Do I Unclog This Sink?!

Living in a home with three women and two children almost guarantees that we will have a clogged sink on occasion. From earrings to small toys and curly thick hair; you never know what the cause will be.

This article is going to spell out what exactly you can do to solve a clogged sink by yourself without calling in those pricey professionals. My first step is inspecting what may be causing the clog.

Can I fish it out with a fork? If the answer is no, then I move on to my next tool. Can I fish it out with a wire hanger that I’ve straightened out? Ok, that isn’t working either. On to more “professional” means.

#1: Use Chemicals

After the inspection (and ruined flatware and hanger), my second go-to is often to buy some chemicals to pour down the drain. I’ll try out the store brand version of a sink de-clogger.

I follow the directions on the back of the bottle and cross my fingers. If that fails, I move on to the name brand, usually Drano Max Gel. If that fails, I move on to the gross but effective…

#2: Try Drain Snakes

If my flatware, a wire hanger, and TWO bottles of chemical de-clogger still don’t work, then I have to get dirty. I will then purchase a drain snake. These are found in the plumbing section of your grocery store.

They are long, jagged, and plastic and can be highly effective. These will grab on to any hair that is stuck inside of your drain, but they are disgusting. I recommend buying gloves along with the snake.

Once you pull the snake out of the drain, you have to also clean it off and most people can’t handle that without gagging. If this STILL doesn’t work then you’ll need to…

#3: Break Out the Checkbook

If for some reason, none of these home remedies work then it is time to call your plumber.

They will likely have to completely disassemble the pipes under your sink to take out whatever monstrosity that is clogging your drain and I wish your bank account, “Good luck”.