water stain

How To Remove Water Stains On Common Areas and Items in Your Home

No matter how hard we try to clean and maintain our homes, there will always be something that will catch our eyes. It can be a cracked floor tile, leaking faucets, malfunctioning sockets, or stuck windows, among others. One of the most common household annoyances you may encounter is a water stain.

These stains may be caused by an unwanted leak or if someone accidentally splashed water in a particular area of your home. Whatever the case, these stains are an eyesore and they need to go. As such, there are several places in your house where these water stains may appear and how to solve them accordingly.

Water Stains on Walls

A house’s interior walls can look pretty messy if there are water stains on it. To remedy this predicament, you will need a bucket containing water and bleach. Get a sponge to wash off the areas damaged by the stain. Be careful in doing this because the paint might be affected. If this happens, better get some primer and a can of paint. You will use these items to repaint the damaged area and restore your wall back to its original condition.

Of course, you also need to tackle the root of the problem as well. You will need to locate the source of the leak on your wall and have it repaired right away. More often than not, these water leaks can be caused by a defective concealed plumbing pipe. In this case, the best thing to do is call on a professional plumber to take care of this specific problem.

Water Stains on Wood

Your home has a lot of furniture made of wood in it. Most of them are tables you use in the kitchen and the living room. These stains are mostly caused by glasses containing cold water or any other kind of refreshments placed on top of wooden furniture. This will result in ugly stain marks on wooden tables or other kinds of furniture.

If you want to eliminate any trace of stains caused by water on wood, you need some baking powder. Pour one teaspoon of baking powder of the affected area and add another teaspoon of water. Rub the mixture in a circular manner until the stain is gone.

Another ingredient you can use is petroleum jelly. Get just enough of this stuff and again, rub it on the area where the water stain is located. Leave it to dry overnight and when you wake up, you’ll find no trace of the stain.

Water Stains on Granite

Granite is mostly used in the construction of countertops due to its beautiful and tough nature. Even though this is the case, granite countertops are not impervious to water stains. The solution itself is simple enough for anyone to do. First off, you will need a little bit of detergent and water to clean stains on your granite countertop. If that doesn’t do the trick, you can create a paste consisting of water, baking soda, and a diluted amount of bleach. This mixture will eliminate stubborn water stains on your granite countertop and make it look new again.